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The Vitality Cleanse

Self-transformation with Living Foods


From Bonnie A., Rhinebeck:
It’s a spiritual experience. I definitely want to do the next two.

From Shelley W., Kingston:
Susan’s cleanse is remarkable, every day a new adventure in flavorful beneficial nourishment. My husband and I completely rebooted our relationship to food..

From Darlene R., Rhinebeck:
The 5-Day Cleanse is the best thing I’ve done for myself since the 3-Day Cleanse last year. I know you understand when I say that I am literally glowing; in fact several co-workers have commented on it. I feel physically and emotionally lighter, more energetic, and full of life. My writing is imbued with freshness and even in this prolonged rainy weather I feel sunshine. I’m practicing what I learned in your Raw Food Playshop, keep it organic and raw when possible, and celebrate the transformation of mind, body, and spirit that comes with healthy.

From Nori Connell, Dr. of Chiropractic, Tivoli:
Your cleanse was wonderful. I felt nurtured receiving your meals each day, by both the food and the presentation. I loved all the different flavors and looked forward to tasting what was next. Generally I never felt hungry. All week clients seeing me with the drinks asked me about them and told me how I was glowing.

From G. Bradney, Woodstock:
Susan's 5-day Vitality Cleanse was the most nurturing thing I’ve done for myself in a long while. For a working mother, it was such a gift to have delicious food delivered each morning—just for me! I loved opening up the lids to see the eye-popping colors—brilliant orange, saturated reds and purples, bright green. Her food looks and tastes alive—my body loved it—and it’s so obviously made with care and love. I felt amazing the entire time, but when I woke up on day four I felt as if rainbows were shining out of all my pores. No kidding! I have not felt that energetic, light, and vibratingly alive for a long time. Wonderful experience. I can't wait to do it again—this time for longer. Instead of waiting until I get sick to replenish and cleanse my body, it makes so much more sense to do this when I'm healthy. Thank you, Susan. I’m recommending this to others.

From Ward F., Palenville:
It seemed that the food had been prayed over while prepared and sent out with blessings. The flavors and colors together were altogether artful.

From Sybil V., Woodstock:
It was too yummy to be a cleanse. And I lost 8 pounds in 7 days!

From Debby O., Kingston:
Thank you for making cleansing so easy. I felt totally nurtured and energized.

From Diana R., Woodstock:
As a vegetarian I felt I had gone to paradise! I have never tasted so many layers of flavor in one mouthful. Thank you, Susan, for this blessing.

From Annie P., Rhinebeck & New York City:
I was quite skeptical when Susan invited me to a living foods dinner—honestly
I planned on stopping at the pizza joint on the way home. Her food was magnificent, not only beautifully presented, but one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had. Even though I pigged out, as is my wont, I didn’t feel stuffed afterwards, and it had an immediate and positive effect on my digestive process, if you get my meaning. I have also tasted some of her cleansing drinks, which are equally delicious. I plan on doing the Vitality Cleanse this spring.

From Grace W., Red Hook:
First of all, let me say thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given me. I am feeling just great, really empowered, and really curious about food. I bought a food processor and have a decent blender, and so have been doing things like making almond milk (I never even knew you could do that!) and sunflower pate (I had no idea that sunflowers seeds sprout!). Now I’m naturally craving healthy foods and finding simple and delicious ways to prepare them. I can taste things better. There are new ingredients in my refrigerator. Eating six smaller meals a day really worked for me, so I am continuing with that. Iâve also lost weight and am more active.
   It was a big step for me, doing the cleanse. I’d never done anything quite like it before. You have a special gift with fresh foods, the way you use really high-quality produce boosted with super-foods to create amazingly unique and tasty flavors. I can’t say enough about the experience.

Last updated 7/17/19